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Prices And Plans (4 Connections - 2 IP)


1 Month - 30 Days - $15

3 Months - 90 Days - $39.99

6 Months - 180 Days - $69.99

12 Months - 365 Days - $120 - Email for payment options 

The "Click Here To Buy" button below will take you to Cloud Star to complete your purchase. The products are listed as "Hosting" but you will receive the services you ordered.   To use Credit Card choose "Paypal" payment option and scroll down and click "Use Credit Or Debit Card." 

The Auto-Renew Link Will take you to Zoho. Auto Renew Will automatically charge you on the same day every month.

Email for more payment options. 


All users must download the NEW Beast APK for Android. the old apps are irrelevant. Download from

New Beast Perfect Player coming soon. 


 The app's Smart STB and Smart IPTV on Smart TV's no longer work for most services. They have proven unreliable and we highly recommend not using them for any service you buy. They push updates, break everything, then blame the services when in fact it is always on their end. We no longer support these apps with any service we sell. Any new purchase made for a service with these apps are at your own risk and we bear no responsibility for the functionality (or lack thereof). We recommend getting an external box instead of using directly on your Smart TV. Currently we have the Formuler Z8 in stock. 

 PLEASE NOTE - If you have trouble paying at the link below email for other payment options. 


 It is important to understand that if you are using a VPN, each connection gets a unique IP Address. This means you can NOT connect 3 devices with 3 VPN because it exceeds your 2 IP limit. If you are using a VPN you can only connect to 2 devices. If  you exceed the 2 IP limit your account will automatically be banned and you will need to have us ask to unban it, which could cause days of interrupted service.  

Beast TV

Beast TV


Beast TV focuses on HD quality for US, Canada, UK, Latino, and Sports. 

****NOTE**** You get either a username/password account OR a MAC only account. You do not get both.  You can not add a MAC to your username account. You CAN still use Formuler & Dreamlink without a MAC. Video is below in the instructions. 

4 Connections 2 IP's


Avaialble on Android, Apple, and PC, Beast TV is compatibl;e with most IPTV apps and has a dedicated app for Android. You can use 3 connections at the same time from 2 different IP's. 

Sports and PPV's


Watch every game from NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and more including PPV's from UFC, WWE, Boxing and others.

Terms & Conditions


Must have a supported device and HIGH SPEED INTERNET for Beast TV. A speed of AT LEAST 25 mbps ON THE DEVICE you are using is recommended. A device with available memory and sufficient hardware is required. Any device older than 5 years old is not recommended. You should have 50 mbps or higher for UHD content. Beast IPTV is the new Best IPTV of 2019 and requires high bandwidth.

Terms of Use

3 devices, 2 IP addresses is strictly enforced. You can not add a MAC device to username accounts and vice versa. Violations of these terms will result in account ban and NO REFUND. 


If you experience issues due to slow connections or faulty devices you will NOT be refunded. In order to qualify for a refund you must first follow our support for troubleshooting. We will only refund if we determine our service is at fault. 

After Your Purchase

You will receive an email receipt. You will receive a separate email within 24 hours of your purchase with your login credentials. Please do not email or call asking for account info if it has not been more than 24 hours. Your account is active when we send you the information. 


We offer support for the duration of your subscription. You can join our forum for the fastest and best response time. Email support may take up to 48 hours for a response.


We reserve the right to control content on Beast TV. We may add or remove channels at any time. In order to keep the service running at its best you may experience intermittent down time for maintenance and upgrades. Official Vader Streams offering Vaders TV