Break The Chains From Cable

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Real Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that gives you the ability to resolve URL links and download as fast as your internet speed will allow. What this means in Kodi is more high quality streams, at faster speeds, reduced buffering, and loads of links to choose from. Real Debrid services work with Exodus, SALTS, Specto Fork, 1Channel, IceFilms, Release Hub, and Dandy Media Services. Using Real Debrid maximizes the sources in all these add-ons. For the most part SALTS, 1Channel, and IceFilms, have become totally unreliable without a debrid service. Even in reliable Exodus and Specto, Real Debrid turns up hundreds of sources in 1080p, 720p, and HD. Most importantly, they work! No more clicking on the top HD Gvideo link and having it get surpassed and playing number 15 on the list and receiving a 420 grainy stream. No more dancing 80's stars, pigeons, or linking devices for every stream.  In Release Hub you can find stunning 4k movies and TV to get the full potential out of your 4K TV. The list in 4k continues to grow, and will continue to do so as time goes on. 

There are 4 levels of premium subscription ranging from 15 days to 180 days. The prices are in British Pounds and conversions may vary from day to day but as of today are as follows: 

15 days $3.75

30 days $4.31

90 days $ 9.69

180 days $17.23

The above video shows you just how well this service works, and for the price, you can't go wrong. It seems like more and more add-ons are using debrid services to maximize performance. The servers are faster, the streams are more reliable, and the quality of playback is better. 

You can purchase your Real Debrid Subscription By Clicking Here