Vader Streams Set Up


Vader Streams App For Android

Compatible with most Android devices (Android 6.0 and higher)

Watch The Set Up & Tutorial CLICK HERE

Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick Using Downloader CLICK HERE

Formuler - Dreamlink - MAG - Buzz - STB Emulator

Add Vader Streams To STB Emulator - CLICK HERE (Latest method for adding MAC address to account as well as newest portal).

Add Vader Streams To your Formuler Device CLICK HERE  (outdated! correct portal info is below)

Download Latest STB Emulator Pro From -

Download STB Emulator For Amazon Fire Devices -

Portal URL is

Login to your account at and click your username in the top right corner, then click my account. Then scroll down until you see MAG Sub and enter your MAC address from the app you're using (MyTVOnline, DOL2, etc) and click save. 

Note - The process is the same for Dreamlink (using DOL2), Buzz, and other MAC Based Services)

Perfect Player And Other M3U Players

Watch our video for The Vader Streams Version of Perfect Player AND the setup for Regular Perfect Player CLICK HERE

Download our Vader Streams Version of Perfect Player for easy login. You just enter your username and password instead of the long Playlist Links. 

Link for ES File Explorer or Downloader is

Playlist Links For Regular Setup of Perfect Player. Note - These are the same links you need to use other M3U Players like GSE, TVIRL, IPTV For Android, iPlay For Apple TV, etc.


M3U Playlist

EPG List

Smart TV

The app's Smart STB and Smart IPTV on Smart TV's no longer work for most services. They have proven unreliable and we highly recommend not using them for any service you buy. They push updates, break everything, then blame the services when in fact it is always on their end. We no longer support these apps with any service we sell. Any new purchase made for a service with these apps are at your own risk and we bear no responsibility for the functionality (or lack thereof). We recommend getting an external box instead of using directly on your Smart TV. Currently we have the Formuler Z8 in stock.  

Apple TV

Videos Coming Soon

iPlay TV  - Create M3U Playlists using the links below.

GSE - Create Remote Playlist using the links below.

M3U Playlist

EPG List

Playlist with VOD added at end

VOD only Playlist

Kodi Guide

NOTICE---The Vader Streams Guide and add-on for Kodi has been extremely buggy as of late. We recommend using alternative methods for using Vader Streams over Kodi. 

Add Vader Streams to your Kodi Set up 


IF you have any issues use the Backup Video CLICK HERE 

Repo -

Beast TV


Android App

Install Using Downloader on Android or Amazon Devices Enter Link -  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Downlaod Link For ES File Explorer is - Click beast.apk

Watch In Your Browser

Using your browser on PC, MAC, tablet, phone, or PS4 Go to 

Chrome or Firefox Recommended

STB Emulator - Formuler - Dreamlink - MAG - Buzz TV

For Formuler and Dreamlink you can use your username and password to watch in MOL or DOL2. Enter Portal URL - Check the box that says "Login Required?" and enter your username and password. - CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO -

For STB Emulator you must purchase a MAC only account and enter your MAC address at checkout. Make sure you give the correct MAC. It will ALWAYS start with 00:1A:79--

Hold the select button, click settings, then click portal. Name the profile Beast. Portal URL is

In STB Configuration choose MAG 322 and send the MAC form there. DO NOT Change the MAC. 

Perfect Player Or Other M3U Players

Download the Beast Version of Perfect Player for easiest use. You only need to enter your username and password. 

Using ES File Explorer Add Favorite and click beastpp.apk

For Downloader Use link

For regular Perfect Player, iPlayTV, Prog TV, or any other m3u players use the following links.-

Playlist URL (NO SPACES)


Of course, you have to replace YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD with your actual account info.

Apple TV

To Watch The GSE and iPlayTV Setup Video CLICK HERE

iPlay TV - 


Playlist URL (NO SPACES)


Of course, you have to replace YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD with your actual account info.


Using the Xtream Codes API setting edit the portal. Enter your username and password and Portal URL

Nitro IPTV


Android Devices

Nitrous App Demo and Installation Video CLICK HERE

The NEW Nitrous app is available. Download Url for the Downloader app (Amazon Devices) -

Filelinked Code – 85644332

Direct download=

After you have installed the new app, on some devices like the Amazon Firestick Generation 2 a few extra steps are required to login. After downloading the new Nitrous apk open it up and put in your username and password, If a message appears saying Login Successful and then clears out the username and password you will need to force close the app, reopen, then select on the Update Playlist tab listed in menu. Next you should see a loading message with the load circle shown. Once successful, you will see the guide load up.

Note: This process may take 2-5 min depending on the device and your internet speeds.

Original Nitro App--

Download ES File Explorer. Turn on Apps From Unknown Sources and open ES File Explorer. Click Favorites then click Add. Add URL name it Nitro and Click Add. Scroll to the bottom of favorites and click Nitro. It should begin to download. Click Open File, choose ES Downloader, and click install. Then use your Username and Password you were given to log into the Nitro App. 

Amazon Devices

Install the Downloader app from the Amazon Store. Enter URL and complete the steps to download. Open the app and log in using your Username and Password. 


MAC Based Apps (STB Emulator, Formuler, Dreamlink)

BEFORE you purchase set up an new profile in the app you're using and use Portal URL   and name the portal Nitro. After you have it set up enter your MAC address at checkout. In STB Emulator the MAC address is in STB Configuration.

M3U Apps (Perfect Player)

Playlist URL -

If you would like TV Catchup Use this link instead of the first link -|catchup=xc 


If using Perfect Player, make sure you select in the settings "Download At Each Update." 

Replace "xxxxxx" in the playlist with your actual username and password.

For Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad (GSE IPTV)


Choose Xtream Codes API and use link  and enter your username and password. 

Use EPG link  


Watch in your PC, MAC, iOS, or Android in the web browser at


Stealth TV


Install The Stealth TV App For Android

Can be downloaded at using Es File Explorer, downloader, or browser.

Try Our New Webplayer For PC, Xbox, and PS4

Others Like GSE IPTV

M3U links are the same no matte rthe player but for GSE you need the Portal http:// 

Portal For STB Emulator, Smart STB, or Formuler/Dreamlink is http:// /c/

PLEASE NOTE--YOU MUST BUY A MAC ACCOUNT FOR STB apps to work. You do not get a free one with your user name. 

 Of course, you have to replace YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD with your actual account info. Also in Perfect Player setting set "download at each update.



Epic IPTV is compatible With STB Emulator, Formuler, Dreamlink, MAG Box, Buzz TV Box, Smart TV (Smart STB App), and Ministra (Apple).

On Android Devices you can download STB Emulator From the play store.

STB Emulator Setup CLICK HERE

Portal URL is

For Formuler and Dreamlink Click "Login Required" and enter your username and password. 

On Apple TV You can use the Ministra Player App. Enter your username, password and URL

Download the latest version of STB Emulator Pro -

For Amazon Devices -

For Smart TV Using Smart STB App- 

PLEASE NOTE -- The video shows how to add vader. Instead of the Vader portal you need to add the Epic portal Which is  

Watch The Video - CLICK HERE



Android or Amazon Devices

 You can install the OK2 Android app using ES File Explorer or Downloader from URL 

M3U Apps (Perfect Player)

Playlist URL:


Replace "YOURUSERNAME" & "YOURPASSWORD" withyour actual login credentials.

This is the same info you will use for Smart IPTV, Prog TV, iPlay TV, Solar IPTv or any other M3U player.

STB Emulator

Purchase a MAC ONLY account.

In STB Emulator DCrate a new profile named OK2. Portal URl is

Note Your MAC address and include it with your order.

GSE IPTV (Android or Apple)

 Click Xtream Codes API and proceed to edit a profile with URL and enter your username and password. 

In GSE setting you can change the EPG to : 

Formuler - Dreamlink - Buzz TV

In MyTVOnline, DOL2, or similar apps create a new portal Named OK2 and enter portal URL htttp:// - Check the box that says "Login required" and enter your username and password. 

IPTV Express


Android Devices (STB EMULATOR)

Install STB Emulator On Your Device.

Create a new profile named IPTV Express

Enter Portal URL

Note your MAC address and include it in your order

Install Unlocked Full Version of STB Emaultaor Pro from

Apple TV (Stalker App)

You need to SPECIFY you are ordering for Apple TV when you order.

Install the Stalker App. You will need to purchase a key from Apple. 

Use portal URL

Enter the username and password you received by email.