Break The Chains From Cable
We only Ship to the US and Canada
All devices are 100% legal in the USA
We only ship to confirmed addresses for Paypal buyers and are NOT responsible for loss of packages due to errors in address. We provide USPS tracking on all orders and ship out within 48 hours of purchase. 
ALL of our products require High Speed Internet. For BMC at least 15mbps is recommended ON THE DEVICE. Please remember that just because you pay for 15mbps does not mean your device is receiving that much. For Live Streaming 20mbps and up is recommended. 
Devices are important for the performance of our apps also. If you are running an old device or a cheap device and experience issues, it is not the app, it is the device.
We ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for any issues that arise due to low internet speeds or low end devices. No refunds will be issued for these issues.

We offer free support for all of our products